Our Mission

The Rhode Island Children’s Golf Course will give children from all walks of life a chance to learn and play the game on their very own course.  

Youngsters who normally wouldn’t be exposed to golf — including at-risk, special needs and disabled kids — will now have the opportunity to come and participate.

There is a real need for a golf course for kids in the central and southern part of the state. In this particular region there are currently over 24,000 children attending over 80 elementary schools.

If you’re a young person today who wants to play golf, there’s really nowhere to go anymore.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be at a club that has a quality junior program (few and far between).

Caddy programs have diminished

The whole driving range experience (hitting off mats) gets old for kids.

After participating in our programs, independent studies have revealed that not only have children’s grades gotten better, but the behavioral and social skills of these youngsters improved substantially as well.

Golf, more than any other sport, teaches life skills, core values and healthy habits.

There’s nothing better than seeing kids helping each other, cheering for each other, being responsible, showing respect and having fun!

We are open to the public for players of all age groups, as long they practice proper etiquette and are supporters of Junior Golf.